Best Alternatives for Nutrisystem

by admin on November 22, 2017

If you are looking for an effective weight loss program that helps you lose weight at a steady pace and in a healthy manner, you can choose Nutrisystem. Weight loss happens when there is a calorie deficit. It implies that you will have to consume fewer calories than what you will be able to burn. The diet market is filled with lots of weight loss programs that claim to offer weight loss through their low calorie recipes. You may certainly follow those recipes but do you have the time to prepare them on your own and follow on a daily basis. When following any diet, it has to be followed for at least two months to experience the result. Spending this much time is not possible for all as most of us lead a busy lifestyle balancing both family and work life. Nutrisystem is an apt program for such dieters who are always on the go.

Nutrisystem official portal

Nutrisystem is widely sought by dieters belonging to all parts of the nation for the several conveniences that are being offered. The most appreciated convenience is its online portal through which the dieters can subscribe to any of the diet plans of Nutrisystem and follow them at the comfort of their own home. The site provides various support tools through which the dieters can get their concerns addressed. The program allows you to connect with their weight loss experts through phone for any of your queries related to diet plan, not losing weight and also for encouragement to stay on track. The portal gives you access to view 150 plus meal options and short list your menu. However, only top rated plans give you access to choose your preferred meals from the 150 meal options.

Nutrisystem plans

The company has been providing weight loss solutions through their three basic plans called basic plan that is very basic as the name suggests,  core plan that is most popular and uniquely yours plan that is top rated.

Basic: Being the basic plan, it provides foods at the lowest price. Here, the menu is preselected for you. The cost of the plan for four week comes to $274.99 when you choose the auto shipping option. The cost per day is as low as $9.82 a day. Though the menu is preselected, the customers’ favorites like pastas, chocolates and burgers are part of it. The plan allows you to have a flex meal which you can either cook at home or eat outside. This equips you to cook your own healthy meal at home. Subscribers also get free entry to online tools and trackers.

Core: The cost of the plan comes to $10.54 a day. Here you will get a variety of up to 100 meals. You can customize your menu from accessing these 100 meal options. The foods are door delivered every four weeks. You can have a flex meal in addition to tools and tracking applications that are available online at all times for free. The plan also lets you connect with their expert counselors for any tips for any number of times.

Uniquely yours: The plan has the top rate that comes for $11.96 a day. Here, the dieters are offered around 150 food choices which need not be refrigerated and some are frozen foods. The plan offers full liberty to menu customization. The dieters can enjoy other provisions of basic plan and core plan as well.

Lean 13: The program suggests Lean 13 has the starter kit which is specifically designed to accelerate your weight loss. It lets you lose weight up to 13 pounds and 7 inches from your body. After that the dieters can shift to any of the standard Nutrisystem plans. The plan provides meals for seven days in a week that is inclusive of breakfast meals, lunch meals and dinner meals and also protein shakes and nutricrush bars. If it is your first order, the shakes and bars are given free of cost.

Diabetes plan: The plan is called Nutrisystem D. This diabetic plan is again offered through three standard plans of Nutrisystem. Dieters can choose anyone according to their health condition and affordability. The features of the plans remain the same but the foods differ. The foods are prepared using low glycemic carbs which slowly mixes with your blood stream without spiking the sugar levels. Therefore, the plan allows you to lose weight and control blood sugar levels at the same time.

South beach diet plan

South beach diet plan can be said as the best alternative for Nutrisystem as it also suggests healthy ways to lose weight. It was originally developed by a cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston for the welfare of his patients. His objective was to help his patients to stay safe from heart attacks and strokes. Heart ailments develop mainly due to high level of cholesterol in the blood and unstable insulin levels. Based on this fact, he developed a diet plan consisting of low glycemic foods which gradually mix into the blood stream and do not spike the blood sugar levels. This slow release of carbs into the body leads to weight loss and also improves the flow of blood preventing risks of heart attacks and strokes.

How it works?

South beach diet plan offers weight loss through three phases. The first stage imposes a major restriction of carbs in daily diet of dieters. As the body starts sensing less supply of carbs, it tends to break the fat storage for energy. This is the beginning of weight loss. The dieters will experience low energy levels due to minimum supply of carbs. This stage extends up to two weeks.

Upon completing the first stage, you will be asked to introduce carbs slowly into the diet. The carbs are mostly smart carbs like while grains, potatoes and fruits. At this stage, the weight loss process considerably slows down and the maximum expected weight loss would be 2 lbs. The final stage gives you freedom to follow normal foods however with minimal carb restrictions. Dieters who could make to this phase would gain enough knowledge about foods that are good and bad.

South beach diet plan uses practical theory for weight loss and this fact makes it popular among the dieters like Nutrisystem. The South beach diet plan followers usually develop good relationship with the foods they consume and be successful in the journey also. The dieters are also taught to prepare their own diet meals through suggesting recipes which helps them sustain the result for a longer period.


Though South beach diet plan is the best alternative of Nutrisytem, there are also other diet programs which work similar to Nutrisystem with minima differences. They include Medifast, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc which also have huge followers and effective weight loss strategies. Choosing a diet program completely depends on the individual choice and requirements. However, Nutrisystem is found to be the best weight loss program as it caters to wide requirements and offers lots of features which the dieters find convenient.

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