10 Best Leg Exercises At All Times

by admin on May 21, 2017

leg exerciseHere are 10 leg effective leg exercises of all times.

1. Leg Press

Sit on the leg press machine squarely with feet at shoulder width distance. Keep your chest up and press your lower back into the pad. Fold your knees so that platform can be lowered and stop before your glutes rise off the pad. Stretch your knees to push the weight up.

2. Step Up

Hold a dumbbell in both hands close towards your knee. Place your feet apart at shoulder width before stepping forward with one leg on the platform. Now bring forward your trailing leg up and try standing on top of the platform. Step back on your leg to the floor. Alternate your legs.

3. Pistol Squat

Stand tall and stretch out one leg in front of you and balance on the other foot. Squat while dipping your hips down and glutes on the floor. Fold your knees until your thighs are just below to the parallel level. The other leg and arms that are idle can be out towards you. Drive through your heel so as to come back to the standing pose. Ensure that your heel does not come up.

4. Glute Ham Raise

Use a bench to secure your ankles between rollers and knees on the pads. Place your feet on the platform. Begin with your torso and align your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Cross hands over the chest and stretch knees by engaging lower torso. Your hams need to be flexed to bring your body back to its position.

5. Walking Lunge

Hold dumbbells in both hands and come forward using one foot. Fold both knees so that your torso is lowered towards the ground. Make sure that your front knee is not passing your toes at the bottom drive through the heel while you bring rear leg in the front until you go back to standing pose. Now use the other leg to step forward and repeat the same process.

6. Bulgarian Split Squat

Hold a dumbbell in both hands and come forward using one foot. The other foot can be brought forward and rested. Fold your knee to lower yourself and your knee should not be ahead of toes. Reverse the motion with your knee joint kept at 90 degree angle. Drive through the heel of your feet to go back to initial position.

7. Hack Squat

On a hack squat machine, step up and place back and shoulders against the pads. Keep your chest up and tighten your core. Lower your body by unlocking the safeties and stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground. Press upwards to the initial position and keep your knees bent.

8. Romanian Deadlight

Stand upright with a barbell and place your feet at shoulder width with knees folded. Lean forward until your torso is parallel to the ground. Keep your back flat and your head in neutral position. Your glutes and hamstrings should be flexed and bring the bar to the initial position.

9. Pistol Squat

Place one leg in a crouch position. Stretch out your arms and free leg towards the front. Make use of a bench for support. Once you get accustomed, you can try it out on the floor or any flat surface.

10. Barbell Squat

Stand on the floor holding a bar across the upper back. Bend your knees and turn out toes. Bend your body at the knees and hips and lower your body like you are sitting on a chair. Go as far as you can and drive through the heels and stretch your knees and hips to comeback to starting position.

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