17 Small Changes You Can Make Every Day To Lose Weight

by admin on May 15, 2017

stepsIf your main motto is to attain weight loss, all it takes is small changes in your lifestyle. It helps in incorporating some healthy habits that can last forever. This is the real trick that works rather than the temporary short term diet approaches that often fail. There are 17 changes discussed below to obtain weight loss in a healthy manner that benefit you for life.

1. Limit fatty foods

Make a list of all the fatty and high caloric foods that you love the most. Some of your favorites may include cakes, cookies, chocolates, French fries and ice-cream. Out of these 5 items, you can cut down one item completely for a week and gradually another item in the coming week. This way, you can decrease the list of favorite items to one or two and add healthy choices like fruits and vegetables.

2. Walk for additional 5 minutes

When you increase your regular physical activities by a few minutes daily, it helps in losing weight faster. You should aim for a minimum duration of 30 minutes for physical activities daily and adding 5 minutes to it makes a huge difference in terms of weight loss.

3. Include strength training

In addition to basic body workouts like pushups and squats, you should do workouts that make your muscles tired within 60 to 75 seconds. Choose resistance tubes or exercise bands while performing basic moves for that additional burn.

4. Lift weights to obtain weight loss

It is not easy for most people to hit to the gym regularly. There are distinct types of workouts that can be preformed from home, but weight lifting is the effective of all. It burns fat and helps you lose weight.

5. Choose your salads healthily

Salads are the healthiest options unless there are unhealthy ingredients present in it. Avoid using heavy dressings like mayonnaise and choose grilled or boiled chicken over fried ones. This way, you will not ingest too many calories.

6. Include lean protein in your diet

In addition to vegetables, your diet should also include lean protein. It helps by keeping you fuller in between meals. In addition, it also helps in boosting your metabolism.

7. Add beans in your diet

Beans are healthy vegetables that are rich in fiber. It fills you up for longer hours than you think. It is also good to increase the metabolism level in your body.

8. Don’t avoid alcohol completely, but reduce the intake

If you are a regular drinker, giving up boozing can be close to impossible. Well, you don’t need to cut it down completely. Simply reduce the quantity and gradually drink alternate days instead of daily.

9. Move your body while watching TV

If you are addicted to TV and if you have not recorded a particular watch tvshow or program of your choice, you can make best use of it. Do some workouts while watching TV, especially when the commercial ads are going on.

10. Don’t eat fast

Eating too fast has more of disadvantages than eating slowly. Eating and chewing your food at a slow pace helps in ingesting fewer calories. This in turn results in weight loss.

11. Choose stairs instead of an elevator

An elevator is always a quick and easy option instead of stairs. Stair climbing is a great exercise and helps you burn adequate calories on a daily basis.

12. Avoid buying meals and stick to home cooked food

This change in your lifestyle has dual benefits. In addition to losing weight, you also save money and time. When you buy food from outside, there is always a sense of fear about the ingredients used and its calorie content. Home food is healthy and not too high on calories.

13. Get adequate amount of sleep

For majority of people long hours of working has become a routine. However, it is important to get the required amount of sleep daily. In order to do so, one must hit the bed early to give enough rest to the body.

14. Laugh hard

As per research, laughing hard for about 10 minutes daily can help you burn calories. Hence, laugh at least once a day for 10 minutes.

15. Shut the refrigerator after dinner

Most people are into the habit of binging at night after dinner. This is one of the prime reasons that causes weight gain. Therefore, do not indulge in foods after dinner if you are determined to lose weight.

16. Fruits are good for weight loss

Fruits are the healthiest foods as it tastes delicious and contain natural sweetener. It does not harm your body and come in the way of weight loss. It is a healthier option over sweets, sugary foods and desserts.

17. Early to bed early to rise

This theory holds good for weight loss as well. Get into the habit of finishing your meals before 8 pm and go to bed early to kick start your day early with a whole lot of energy.

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