5 Workouts To Sculpt a Bigger and Stronger Back for men

by admin on May 20, 2017

barbellThere are endless benefits of sculpting your bigger back. Out of many benefits, the primary one is that you stand taller than before. When you train your back, it targets some of the most common spots that are weaker and leading to poor posture. When you perform some of the back workouts, it also helps in bench pressing more weight. The upper and mid back muscles keep the shoulder joints stabilized. As a result, you will be in a position to lift more weight while performing all upper body workouts due to stronger and stabilized shoulders. In addition to these benefits, your arms will also grow bigger. Hence, back workouts are effective to target your arms muscles which in turn helps in training your biceps.

Workouts to tone and strengthen back for men

1. Lat Pull down

Sit down on a lat pull down platform by grabbing the bar using an overhand grip. You need to ensure that it is more than the width of the shoulder. Pull the shoulders in back and down position and avoid moving your torso during the process. Now bring down the bar towards your chest. Stop and go back to the starting position slowly.

2. Deadlift

To perform this workout, try loading a barbell and roll it on your shins. Your body needs to be bent down at knees and hips while you pull the bar using an overhand grip. Ensure that your hands are right beyond the width of the shoulder. Keep the back arched and pull your torso upwards. Thrust your hips in the front as you are standing up using the barbell. Bring down the bar towards the floor and repeat.

3. Bent Over Underhand Barbell Row

Pull a barbell through an underhand grip which is more than the width of the shoulder. Try holding it at the length of your arms. Now, pull the bar towards your upper abs while squeezing your shoulder blades at the same time. Pause and lower the bar so as to come back to the starting position.

4. Front  Squat

Pull a barbell with a grip that is close to the shoulder width and place it towards you on top of the shoulders. Slowly lift your upper arms to ensure that they are parallel to the ground and allow the bar to roll back on the tip of your fingers. Don’t allow the elbows to drop and bring your body down by pushing the hips and folding your knees. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground while you perform this move. Push your body so that it is back to the initial position.

5. Seated Cable Row

Place a straight bar on the cable station and place yourself by bracing your feet. Pull the bar through an overhand at a shoulder width grip. Sit upright and pull the bar towards your upper abs. Stop for 3 seconds and slowly bring your body back to the initial position. Ensure that your torso is in straight pose with no movement throughout. Avoid leaning forward and backward while performing the workout.

Thus, with the help of some of the useful workouts, you can now say goodbye to those caveman hunches.

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