6 Workouts To Strengthen Your Lower Back

by admin on May 20, 2017

Scopion poseThere are many workouts that target your lower back in order to strengthen it. Some of the effective lower back exercises have been discussed below:

1. Lunges

Begin by placing your feet in a staggered pose. The right foot should be brought forward while you keep a dumbbell on the floor towards the left side of the right foot. Contract your abs and fold knees to form a lunge. Keep your back flat, and lift the dumbbell using your right hand while you are turning your toes towards the opposite direction. Now lunge using the left leg with a flat back, bring it forward and bend down. Place the dumbbell towards the right side of your left foot. Stand up and switch side to repeat.

2. Twisting, squatting and lifting

Stand tall on the floor with feet placed at hip width distance. Place a basket and a 5 pound dumbbell in it behind the right foot. Now, slowly twist towards the right as you are squatting down and lift the basket. Stand up straight and push with your heels ensuring that it’s brought to the waist level. Twist and squat so as to keep the basket behind your left foot. Go back to the initial position to complete one rep.

3. Tiger Push-Up

Begin with knees and hands on the floor. Sit back on the heels and raise your arms in the front to form a pose like a child. Lift your head by sliding your torso forward. Arch your spine and place your arms in a straight position to support your weight. Pause for one or more seconds and reverse the motion by bringing down your chest to the floor. Bend your knees and lift your hips while you do so.

4. Crunch, Roll and Reach

Lie straight on your back and place your legs in the air by bending your knees. Raise your shoulders and head into a crunch pose. Lift and stretch your arms in the front and move your arms back to ensure that they are approaching your ears and then stretch your legs. Roll towards the right onto your abs to form a superman pose. Your shoulders should be off the ground and legs stretched and lifted slightly upward. Squeeze the shoulder blades by contracting your glutes and abs as you remain in the position for 1 or 2 seconds. Now roll back in a controlled motion to the initial position. Avoid touching the floor with your feet or hands.

5. Scorpion Stretch

You should lie flat on your stomach to perform this pose with feet together. Extend your arms outwards so as to form a T position. Palms should face down and your forehead can be on the floor. Squeeze your glute, fold your knee and raise your leg as much as you can. Your arms and chest should remain on the floor. Thereafter the same movement can be reversed to come back to the initial position.

6. Rotating Plough

Begin on your back by lifting your legs and knees bent slightly towards your chest. Place your hands on your back close to your hips for support. Slowly rock your legs sideways and return to the starting position.

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