Five chest workouts for mass

by admin on October 13, 2016

The human chest is made of 2 different muscles that jointly work towards the proper functioning of chest. The muscles are called as pectorals minor and pectorals major. The former one is situated underneath the latter one. There are many workouts that help to build mass. Some of the most effective ones are as follows.

1.Dumbbell Squeeze Press

The workout squeezes the weight jointly that helps in moving all the stress on the pectorals. Dumbbell squeeze press engages the pectorals throughout the overall motion range that maximizes the growth of muscles.

On a bench, lie down with a pair of dumbbells by straightening your arms above the chest and palms facing each other. Allow the weights to touch so as to press them as hard as you can.

2.Weighted Pushups

When you add weight to this workout, it allows muscles to work harder. Furthermore, it helps in keeping your repetition range lower to build great muscles.

Visualize a pushup posture with a weight vest or drape sandbag on the upper back. Straighten your arms and widen your hands slightly more than your shoulders. Now, slowly bend towards the elbows and keep your body low till your chest almost touches the ground. Pause and go back to the start position.

3.Close Gripped Bench Press

The workout is very effective and does not impact your joints. It allows even those with shoulder concerns to reap best benefits through pressing.

With an overhand grip that is relatively narrower than the width of your shoulder, this workout can be best performed. Hold a barbell on your sternum by straightening your arms. Place the bar towards your chest by lowering it. Hold for one or two seconds and press the bar up.

4.Cable Fly

This is a great chest workout for pecs although majority of them simply prefer press. When you add the fly to your workout, it provides a new stimulus to your front deltoids and pecs.

In order to perform this workout, you can fix 2 stirrup handles onto the high pulley cables of a cable station. Outstretch your arms by bending it slightly. Come forward a bit towards your hips without rounding your back.

5.Chest Squeeze Pushups

The workout such as chest squeeze pushups is highly effective to build body mass. It requires pressing a pair of dumbbells while performing a pushup. The chest squeeze pushup helps in creating a stimulus that enhances the muscle fibers in the chest.

To perform these chest workouts, you can place 2 dumbbells together so as to ensure they touch each other. The handles should be parallel to one another. Assuming a classic pushup posture, grab a dumbbell handle in each hand. Straighten your arms so that your body forms a straight line starting from feet till your head.

Thus, these are some of the best chest workouts that help in building mass. Many fitness experts recommend these workouts as they are highly beneficial for mass growth. The best part about these exercises is that they can be easily performed at home without going to the gym.

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