How to Have a Balanced Diet for Adults

by admin on May 22, 2017

balanced dietGood health for adults can be maintained when they follow a balanced diet plan. A balanced diet is one which has all the right type of nutrients in the right proportions. When you eat right, you can not only keep your weight in check, but you can also feel lighter and more energetic. Research shows that the optimum body weight can be maintained when you have moderate proportions of these foods including starchy foods as potatoes and bread, pasta and rice, dairy foods, beans and pulses, fish and eggs, meat and other forms of proteins, unsaturated oils, fluids etc. When you consume too many drinks or food rich in salt or fats or sugar, it is important to eat them in small amounts. Besides these foods, you should make it a point to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Incidentally, you should eat a minimum of five portions of different kinds of vegetables and fruits every day. This will help to keep many chronic diseases, cancers and heart problems at bay.

  • When you eat the starchy foods, you must remember to base the meals on such foods. So you can include potatoes which are excellent sources of fibers and vitamins. Eating the wholegrain varieties of cereals and rice are recommended such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
  • Adults should include dairy foods too in their meals, but these must be of the low-fat variety. Dairy foods like yogurts and cheese are protein and calcium sources and help to keep our bones healthy. You can choose the skimmed milk variety or opt for the low-fat hard cheeses. Soy milk and soy yogurts are excellent alternatives to dairy products.
  • Beans, legumes, fish and eggs are great sources of proteins that help the body to repair itself; besides these are also great sources of minerals and vitamins. Meat is an excellent protein sources and also rich in minerals like zinc and iron and B complex vitamins. It is recommended that adults eat lean meat or skinless chicken so as to trim the fat content in them. Fish like salmon and sardines contain many minerals, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids which are heart-healthy. While you can eat fish in any form, it is best to avoid smoked or canned fish as these are high in sodium.

  • Eggs are a great protein source as are pulses, nuts and seeds. The nuts have high fiber content and are far better than eating snacks which are high in saturated fats. While some amount of healthy fats is necessary in the daily diet, it is best to get this from unsaturated oils which can lower the blood cholesterol levels. When you eat too much of saturated fats, it can elevate the cholesterol levels and this increases risks of developing heart problems. Likewise, eating foods high in sugar content may increase risks of obesity in adults leading to Type 2 diabetes.

These are important dietary guidelines which adult can follow to lead a healthy life. It may help to make a weekly plan for the main meals to ensure that you are eating all the key nutrients each day. Your pantry at home must be well stocked with healthy foods so that you do not give in to unhealthy snacking. You can consult a dietician and maintain a food journal to make a note of everything that you are eating during the day. This helps you to review the diet and see what is lacking in it. Finally, regular exercise is always the best way to stay healthy and supplements a healthy adult diet plan.

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