Best Alternatives for Medifast Diet

by admin on November 21, 2017

Medifast is a well known weight loss program that is essentially recommended by doctors. The program says that if you eat six meals a day out of which one meal has to be completely prepared by you, you can lose from 2 to 5 lbs in the first two weeks of the plan.  After that followers will lose around 2 lbs every week. The diet program is especially designed for people who are unable to lose weight but they have to for some health issues. Like any other diet program in the market the objective of the Medifast program is to create a calorie deficit. This calorie deficit will make the body burn the fat stored which will eventually lead to weight loss.

Medifast diet plan

Medifast provides replacement meals for the main meals you take in a day. Currently, the program offers around 70 replacement meal options to choose from. The program recommends that your daily intake of protein should be around 5 to 7 ounces, three portions of vegetables and two portions of healthy fats. Medifast emphasizes on portion controlled diet where the foods are primarily low in carbohydrates, calories and fats. The meals are prepared to make the dieters feeling full and not deprive between the meals. When following Medifast, dieters have to cook one lean and green meal on their own that helps you have a natural solid food along with diet meals.  After a few days of following the program, the body will reach the fat burning state and weight loss happens. The best alternative to Medifast diet program is Nutrisystem which affordable than Medifast and includes wide menu options.

Why is Nutrisystem a best alternative to Medifast?

Nutrisystem does not ask its dieters to starve or consume diet pills to lose weight. It delivers precooked diet meals to the dieters home that are carefully prepared under the expert guidance using effective weight loss ingredients. Dieters are encouraged to eat multiple small meals in a day to keep the metabolism going. It also encourages dieters to add fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their daily diet. Thus the program inculcates healthy eating habits in the dieters life and teaches the necessity of eating right.

Nutrisystem meals are prepared using smart carbs and power fuels in the right proportion. The meals do not contain trans fat or saturated fat and are devoid of any artificial additives or preservatives. Dieters need not worry about counting calories or checking portions as the meals are portion controlled. The meals essentially involve low fat, low sodium, low carbs and low glycemic foods that do not let you gain weight.

Nutrisystem has diet plans for all types of people like men, women, vegetarians, seniors and diabetics. The meals delivered under this plan are carefully prepared keeping the metabolic needs of the types of dieters. The plans also include free diet counseling without any limit in case you feel that you are not losing weight and need some advice or motivation.

Nutrisystem meals are almost like the regular meals you take daily, except the fact that they are less in sodium and sugar. This is to ensure that your blood glucose levels and blood pressure are in control. The low glycemic ingredients used in the diet meals prevent any fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. When compared to Medifast, Nutrisystem meals are tasty and also available in variety. The uniquely yours plan offers 150 meal options which the customers can mix match and customize their menu. The foods include both shelf stable and frozen meals. When signing up for this plan, the dieters will not face any dearth of their favorite meals.

Nutrisystem also offers desserts and snacks apart from the regular meals of the day. This way you can enjoy some sweet and salt treats from time to time but in moderation. Nutrisystem also provides eat out guides and recommends a list of restaurants where you can have meals occasionally. Though you will be having the diet meals prepared by the company, you are also provided with healthy recipes from Nutrisystem Leaf which helps you cook your own diet meal when you end the program or want to have a smooth transition to regular diet.

When it comes to cost of the diet plans, Nutrisystem is highly affordable than Medifast. Even the top rated plan comes to $12.29 per day which offers sumptuous meal options. Besides, you can slash the price by using discount coupons and codes that the company keeps sending to its customers every season. The order entails a money back guarantee for 14 days on your first order. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the diet plan you can claim a refund against dissatisfaction.

Finally, Nutrisystem diet plans are for everyone and do not require any doctor consultation prior to following the plans. Medifast, diet plans require you to have a consultation with your doctor prior to following as it creates a calorie deficit in your body to trigger weight loss. Therefore, Nutrisystem diet plans can be best alternative of Medifast plans, in fact better than Medifast in terms of convenience.

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