Medifast Vs Nutrisystem – Cost, Taste, Results and Other Factors compared

by admin on October 13, 2016

When it comes to effective and popular weight loss programs, both Nutrisystem and Medifast have earned positive reviews. Both these diet planner companies have sought to make weight loss hassle-free by providing you with pre-cooked packaged meals supplemented by fresh foods. While Medifast may make weight loss slightly quicker because it aims at a lower calorie intake, Nutrisystem is found to be more sustainable and aims to teach dieters good habits to not only lose the extra weight, but also to maintain it in the future. Below is given a comparative analysis of Nutrisystem and Medifast diet plans that can help you decide which plans to choose.

  • Calorie Intake for Weight Loss: Nutrisystem meals can be ordered online and the company will ensure that all precooked meals are delivered right to your home. You can heat these meals before eating and also supplement them with fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. You can expect to lose about a couple of pounds every week when you choose to follow Nutrisystem. When you buy Medifast plans, the company will provide you with five precooked packaged meals and a single green-and-lean meal that you must prepare yourself every day. The meals will ensure that you consume about 900 calories in a day; therefore you can expect to lose nearly 5 pounds in a single week.
  • Customizability: Nutrisystem offers many different meal plans for different types of dieters. So there are separate plans for men and women, kids and elders, vegans and even diabetics. You can choose from more than 170 delectable menus and even customize the menus according to your tastes and preferences. Nutrisystem Select even allows you to enjoy frozen gourmet meals. Medifast makes you choose up to 5 meals every day from options like scrambled eggs, pretzels, soups or brownies. Three of these meals can also be in the form of Medifast shakes.
  • Meal Types: The Nutrisystem menu mainly comprise of foods which have low Glycemic Index that helps to stabilize blood glucose levels. The Nutrisystem meals are loaded with essential nutrients that will help your body to function optimally, but meals are low in sodium and sugar content. They mainly consist of lean proteins, whole grains and fibers and less of carbs and fats. The Medifast menus on the other hand comprise of soups and bars, side dishes and shakes and you are free to mix and match these to create your own menus. While you can get your hands on Medifast products for lactose-free and low-Glycemic diets for women and men, the absence of carbohydrates may make it difficult for dieters to adjust.
  • Costs: Nutrisystem meals will cost you around $263-$342 every month and about $11 a day depending on the coupons you may have access to or discounts on the meal plans. Prices will therefore mainly depend on the kind of meal plan you have selected. Medifast meals are also found to be reasonably priced since you do not need to spend extra on buying additional foods. Prices also differ depending on the menu choice, but for two weeks, you may have to spend nearly $160 which is more than what you have to pay for Nutrisystem diet meals.
  • Meal Plans: Nutrisystem offers Basic, Core, Select, Nutrisystem Silver and Nutrisystem D plans for both men and women. Medifast offer only personalized meal plans like the transition plans for women and men and maintenance plan. Nutrisystem has come out with many new plans like My Way and Fast Five to accelerate weight loss.
  • Flexibility: Moreover Nutrisystem allows consumers to change their menus according to their tastes; so, it is possible to alter the menus from time to time. But, when you choose Medifast meals, you do not get the option of changing your meals or buying fresh fruits and vegetables for supplementing their meals.
  • Fitness: Nutrisystem has offered three distinct workouts and you can get a DVD depending on the program you have chosen. But the company does not set you any guidelines as to how many times you must exercise. The Medifast site however offers guidelines for their clients but they do not give any specific programs for workouts for them. When you are used to exercising regularly before trying Medifast, it is recommended by their experts to take a break to allow you body to adjust to the low-calorie intake before resuming the exercises.
  • Portion Control: With Nutrisystem, you can get portion controlled and calorie-controlled meals. However, these options are not provided by Medifast although they will deliver the meals to your home.
  • Weight Loss Tracking: Nutrisystem allows its dieters to keep a track on their weight loss progress through many user-friendly tools on their site like weight trackers and diet charts. Such tools however are not offered by Medifast for their clients.
  • Support: Nutrisystem experts can advise you on weight loss tips and you can get active supports from certified diabetes experts, nutritionists etc. You can also benefit from their online chat facilities and forums where it is possible to interact with fellow dieters and diet experts. Medifast, in comparison, only has a useful FAQ section where you may get your queries answered.
  • Guarantee: Nutrisystem offers a unique 14-day money back guarantee where you can return the products if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Return shipping fees will be borne by the company itself. Medifast gives a 30 day money back guarantee on its plans.

These features show why Nutrisystem is preferable to Medifast; not only is Nutrisystem cheaper compared to Medifast, but the dieters enjoy a great deal of customizability when eating Nutrisystem meals. Nutrisystem provides portion controlled meals and dieters will not have to worry about eating more than necessary during meal times. The meals are also low in calories and contain low-Glycemic index foods which are very essential for stabilizing blood glucose levels. With Nutrisystem, you can choose any menu of your choice and even change the menus according to your tastes from time to time. They offer both shelf-stable foods and even frozen gourmet meals. Finally, Nutrisystem tries to teach dieters how to inculcate good eating habits into their lifestyle; this is the key to sustained weight loss.

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