Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Reviews – $80 Off Coupon, Plans, Cost, Menu and Taste Information

by admin on June 29, 2017

Nutrisystem has been in the field of weight loss for over 35 years helping Americans to get slim in a safe and healthy manner. Nutrisystem has developed into a pioneer company in the weight loss industry through its excellent weight loss program during the year 1999. In the same year, in association with its countrywide marketing agents and direct sales, named as Nutrisystem Direct, the corporation commenced its official website – and emerged as an innovative weight loss program.

How Nutrisystem works?

Just pick your plan from the variety of Nutrisystem diet plans designed for men, women, diabetics and senior citizens. If you are not sure about which one to choose, you can choose the most popular or a standard one. Otherwise, by answering a few questions you can get a diet plan tailored for you. Nutrisystem offers a wide menu and you can handpick your favorite dishes which are either ready-to-go meals or frozen ones. Your order will be delivered within 4 to 10 business days and if you choose the auto-delivery option you are entitled for bonus savings. Before your first order arrives, you can create your profile and mingle with the online community to learn some weight loss tips. You will also get access to interactive tools and trackers.

Diet plans of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem offers diet plans for men, women, diabetics and senior citizens. When it comes to weight loss, every body works and reacts differently. Some people are in need of more calories while some require less. Therefore, Nutrisystem has well structured plans catering to the metabolic needs of both genders. The basic Nutrisystem plan offers you a daily meal plan which offers the right amount of food you need for the day depending on the calories burnt by your body. Likewise, Nutrisystem D is designed for diabetics, which entails a low glycemic meal plan consisting of nearly 150 menu options. The important characteristics of Nutrisystem diet plans are:

  • Low gycemic
  • Low sodium
  • Low calorie
  • Low carb
  • Balanced diet
  • Portion controlled meals
  • 150 meal options
  • Fresh grocery foods
  • Devoid of saturated and trans fats

Nutrisystem Turbo 13

Nutrisystem keeps launching new meal plans catering to weight loss aspirations of different individuals. One of its latest launches is Nutrisystem Turbo 13, where it promises weight loss of 13 pounds and 7 inches in the very first week of adhering to this plan. Nutrisystem Turbo 13 includes a Turbo Takeoff kit that provides seven elite breakfast meals, lunches and dinners which the dieters will have to take for the first week. Along with the meals, 7 TurboShakes for women and 7 NutriPro shakes for men, 7 NutriCurb bars are supplied to step up the weight loss result. The program includes one more new addition called “TurboBoosters” which has to be taken for a week mixing them in the protein shakes that the kit provides. The boosters have the power of improving your energy levels and metabolism. The TurboSshakes are enriched with proteins and probiotics which keep your stomach feeling full for longer time. The bars ensure that the hunger cravings are suppressed in between the main meals. The Turbo Takeoff kit also provides a daily tracker which is convenient for dieters to track their progress.

After completing the first week of the program, the dieters need to shift to one of the Nutrisystem meal plans – basic, core and uniquely yours plans. Here the customers will have the convenience of customizing their own menu. The followers are guided by a team of diet experts to stay motivated in the weight loss track. They are easily approachable through emails and toll free numbers that the Nutrisystem site provides. The customers can place their order through the Nutrisystem official website and the meals will be home delivered. The discount coupons help the customers to save a great amount on their orders.

Nutrisystem Menu

Nutrisystem has about 150 delicious menu options. The meals for the day include breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. The meals are perfectly portion controlled and eliminate the need of calorie counting. Nutrisystem meals are great for lonely individuals, especially to people who do not know anything about cooking. The meals are home delivered and saves your time invested on shopping for grocery, washing, chopping and cooking meals. All the meals are planned by weight loss experts and nutritionists, which ensure you a hassle free dieting. The meal plans are designed considering the varied lifestyles and taste preferences of dieters. Nutrisystem insists its dieters to include fresh groceries such as fruits and vegetables into their daily diet in order to inculcate healthy eating habits into their daily life.

Advantages of Nutrisystem meal plans

The Nutrisystem meals involve foods that have a low Glycemic Index value or GI which helps in keeping the blood glucose levels under control. The meals are enriched with fibers and essential proteins which help in keeping you satiated throughout the day. The meals are as well low in sodium and sugar levels which help in maintaining the blood sugar levels. The meals are also prepared with low fat and are devoid of transfat which is unhealthy for the body. The meals are usually portion controlled which prevents dieters from. Apart from consuming the diet meals, the Nutrisystem experts recommend that the dieters should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are available in the grocery list.

Dieters can follow the transition guidelines to keep their weight loss result intact. The Nutrisystem online community helps dieters to learn more diet tips and the flaws that they commit while on the dieting track.

Nutrisystem cost

Nutrisystem meals cost just $9.96 a day when you choose the basic plan, which are door delivered. The meals delivered in the core plan are priced at $10.68 per day approximately. The uniquely yours plan has the top rate which is $12.29 per day as it offers menu customization facility and over 150 shelf stable and frozen food options. When you use deals like Nutrisystem discount coupons and codes, the cost of the meals per day falls much lower which is highly economical for dieters who wish to diet on a budget.

Nutrisystem support

Nutrisystem offers support through email, chat and via phone. The dieters can track their progress through the interactive tools and trackers available in the online portal. Dieters also get access to the online community where they can share their trials and victories with the fellow dieters and learn some tips from them.

Money back guarantee

Nutrisystem trusts its performance and so issues 14 day money back guarantee offer. This offer enables the users to test and taste the meals and decide about continuing with the plan. If the meals are not satisfactory, the customers can return the remaining meals for a full refund less shipping.

Final words

Nutrisytem is an excellent weight loss platform for people who are unable to diet on their own. It is also a wonderful resort for senior citizens who wish to stay healthy but are unable to cook their own meals. Diabetics who are not sure about the right choice of foods can sign up with Nutrisystem and enjoy the Nutrisystem D plan. Thus Nutrisystem serves as an effective choice to all when it comes to healthy weight loss.

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