Simple Indoor Exercises To Reduce Thighs

by admin on May 24, 2017

thighThigh fat is indeed difficult to lose, but it certainly does not mean that you cannot burn it off. There are several women with excess thigh fat that follow rigorous workouts in order to get rid of thigh fat. If you are determined to eliminate excess thigh fat, you will succeed especially if you perform the right type of workouts. By doing so, not only will you lose thigh fat, but also build muscles to make them stronger. Stronger leg muscles help you walk and do most of physical activities like climbing stairs almost effortless. You don’t get tired very easily and you can easily explore hiking even if they are strenuous. As far as workouts are concerned, some of the simple workouts have been discussed below.

1. Seated Pillow Squeeze

To perform this workout, you will require a chair with no wheels. Sit on a chair by resting your feet on the ground. Ensure that your knees are folded at 90 degree angle. Use a pillow to place it in between your thighs. Breathe out as you are squeezing the pillow near your thighs. The act should be as through you are putting in best efforts to squeeze out the stuffing from the pillow. Pause for 1 minute as you continue to breathe in normally. Thereafter, proceed to the next exercise.

2. Seated Hand Push

This is a workout that is beneficial to eliminate fat from your hips as well as outer thighs. Sit on a chair and continue to rest your feet on the ground. Keep your arms and palms without moving, and push your knees against your palms. It should be as though you are attempting to push away your palms. At the very moment, press inwards using your hands and ensure that your thighs don’t push them outward. Pause in this move for one minute and breathe normally. Once done, release and go to the next move.

3. Seated Leg Raise

This workout is effective on the fronts of the thighs. Use a chair to perform this workout and sit on it. Your feet should rest on the ground with knees bent at 90 degree angle. You can allow your hands to rest on the chair towards your sides. Breathe out as you lift and stretch your right leg. Pause for 30 seconds as you begin to breathe normally. Breathe in as you bring your right leg down and breathe out as you switch to your left leg. Pause for 30 seconds and proceed to the other move.

4. Seated Bridge

Seated Bridge is one of the popular thigh workouts that targets the rear end and back of the thighs. Sit on a chair towards the edge this time and rest your feet on the ground. Your knees should be bent at 90 degree angle. Your palms can rest towards your sides on the chair. Breathe out as you raise your hips and allow your feet and palms to support your weight. Keep your hips raised until your body forms a bridge. Pause for one minute and breathe normally.

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